The first routing system that allows a relaxed and comfortable trip.

You are a cyclist and annoyed by the bad road conditions. You do not want to drive through potholes or cobblestones?

Bike Navigation will guide you safely and comfortably through the streets.

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Yet another Navigation System?

Bike Navigation is an innovative routing system like no other. The unique feature is the navigation based on the road quality. In particular potholes and cobblestone streets are avoided and good roads are preferred.

The underlying data is not static predetermined but is created by the users themselves. This process takes place in the background of the navigation, without the need for further action. A dynamic self-learning artificial intelligence evaluates this data and provides them for future navigation.

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Surface Based Routing


Crowd-based Data


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As already described, the data on the road quality comes from the users themselves. It collects GPS and acceleration data from smartphones. These are merged and further processed and stored on a server.

There are no user-specific data collected. The whole process runs off anonymously. Therefore, no login is required.

The data is evaluated on the basis of statistical methods. A Calibration of the devices is not necessary.


The basis for the route creation is done by the data of Open Street Maps. This data is converted into a graph and then enriched with the road condition information. Afterwards a route calculation can take place.

In addition to the fastest and shortest route, navigation on the basis of the surface is also possible here. A weighting of the 3 parameters (distance, time, surface) can be done dynamically.

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